2. Service Scope

    1. Scope. In consideration of Service Fees paid and subject to the terms and conditions hereof and as specifically set forth in appendices hereto, ABBYY grants to You a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable right to use Service in conjunction with Your Solution during Subscription Term. All rights granted hereunder by ABBYY are revocable in accordance with this Agreement. All rights not expressly and unambiguously granted herein regarding Services are reserved by ABBYY.
    2. Modification. Service is an evolving service. ABBYY may add or remove features to or from Service, or modify the design of existing features of Service, at any time, at its sole discretion, without notice to You. ABBYY may update Service-related documentation from time to time at its sole discretion without notice to You, and it is Your responsibility to monitor Service-related documentation for updates. ABBYY is under no obligation to make any new features or feature modifications available as part of Service.
    3. Technical integration. You are solely responsible for the technical integration of Service into Your Solution, the possibility to integrate Service, and all costs associated with the technical integration of Service. Under no circumstances shall ABBYY be liable for any failure to achieve satisfactory or timely technical integration, even if the failure is caused by a software issue, documentation issue or insufficient support by ABBYY.
    4. Limits. To ensure the efficient and stable operation of Service, ABBYY may impose reasonable limits on Your use of Service, including with respect to maximum size of a file uploaded to Service, maximum download and upload rates, and connection timeouts.
    5. Resources. Except as otherwise specified in the Agreement and the Data Processing Addendum (https://www.ocrsdk.com/dpa/), ABBYY may determine at its sole and reasonable discretion the appropriate ABBYY resources that it will use to provide Service, on an as-available basis. ABBYY sometimes utilizes the services or products of a limited number of third parties, whether companies or individual subcontractors as well as ABBYY Affiliates (“Approved Contractors”) which have been determined by ABBYY to meet its standards. In order to most effectively meet Your needs, ABBYY may assign or subcontract all or part of ABBYY’s performance obligations and rights towards the provision of any portion of Service under this Agreement to Approved Contractor.
    6. Service users. ABBYY will make Service available to You or Authorized Users. Service may be accessed and used solely for End User’s internal business purposes.
    7. No title. You acknowledge and agree that nothing herein transfers or conveys to You any right, title, or interest to any Intellectual Property Rights in or to Service and any part thereof or copy thereof. No title to any Intellectual Property Rights is transferred to You unless otherwise provided in this Agreement. You shall further at no time dispute the validity of ABBYY’s right, title, or interest to any Intellectual Property Rights in or to Service and any part thereof or copy thereof or assert the right to use Intellectual Property Rights in Service in any jurisdiction otherwise than as permitted by this Agreement.
    8. Trial Service

      • a. Upon Your request, ABBYY grants You and You accept a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, royalty-free license to use the trial version of Service solely for the duration of the trial period and solely for the internal evaluation and testing purposes in order to assess the suitability of Service for Your internal business needs. You shall be fully liable to ABBYY for all acts and omissions of any Authorized Users / End Users.
      • b. You shall not use any results or outputs acquired through the usage of the trial Service in regular business activities and/or in a commercial operating environment, including, without limitation, in a way that can generate direct or indirect revenue.
      • c. The trial Service may have limited functionality and Your access to the functionality of the trial Service is restricted in duration and/or a maximum permissible volume of pages for processing, which may vary, unless otherwise agreed by parties. The expiration of time or pages render the trial Service unusable and may render any material prepared using the trial Service inaccessible until You have purchased a Subscription for Service.
      • d. No maintenance or technical support is provided for the trial Service. The trial Service is provided as a convenience and You agree that ABBYY is not obligated to provide any technical support, phone support, or updates for the trial Service usage. You may, however, request assistance from ABBYY to install and activate the trial Service or help with other questions or problems experienced during the use of the trial Service. ABBYY may, but is not obligated to, respond to such requests.
      • e. After expiration of the trial period the Service shall immediately stop functioning. In order to continue using Service, You shall have to either get a new trial license for Service, or buy a Subscription to Service.
      • f. Pursuant to section 5.2 a ABBYY may use Your Confidential Information, including any Personal Data uploaded to the trial Service for the purposes of engineering, research, development, maintenance and improvement of any ABBYY products and services (“R&D”). To fulfill these R&D purposes ABBYY may retain Your Confidential Information for as long as is necessary to fulfill these R&D purposes. You hereby are informed and shall inform End Users / Authorized Users about the collection and processing of Personal Data described in Privacy Policy located at https://www.abbyy.com/privacy/ prior to Your and End Users’ / Authorized User’s first use of Service.