4. Pricing and Payment

4.1. The Service is partly a paid-for service. Information regarding the prices and payment procedure is an integral part of this Agreement and can be found at https://ocrsdk.com/plans-and-pricing/.

4.2. Zero Balance. ABBYY will take reasonable steps to prevent Your net balance from becoming negative, such as by suspending Your usage of the Service when Your balance is at or near zero. You hereby agree to such suspension of Service usage.

4.3. ABBYY may change the prices and payment procedure at any time, by giving notice thereof to You by posting the new pricing terms at https://ocrsdk.com/plans-and-pricing/. Such revised prices and payment terms will be binding on You following the expiration of Your existing subscription for the Service, if, subsequent to the expiration of Your existing subscription for the Service, You continue to use the Service after the notice of the price increase has been posted.

4.4. All Fees are non-cancellable and are non-refundable, except as otherwise provided for herein and unless cancellable or refundable under the applicable laws.

4.5. ABBYY will be solely responsible for calculating the total amount of Additional Service consumed by You.

4.6. All outgoing bank transfer charges are to be paid by You.

4.7. Without prior written consent of ABBYY, You may not set off payment of the Service Fees with any amounts ABBYY may owe to You.

4.8. All payment obligations of You shall be deemed fulfilled when the sums due are credited to ABBYY's or the ABBYY Partner's bank account.

4.9. Any applicable custom duties, withholding taxes and other similar payments which may be levied or imposed on ABBYY by the authorities of Your country pursuant to the tax legislation or other convention or agreement between the countries of the parties hereto with respect to any of the amount payable to ABBYY, pursuant to this Agreement, shall be borne by You.