5. Audit Obligations

ABBYY shall provide a copy of its most current security report upon Client’s written request and subject to the confidentiality provisions of the Agreement. If Client requires additional information beyond that which is stated in the Report, Client may contact ABBYY at privacy_eu@abbyy.com to request an on-site audit of the architecture, systems and procedures relevant to the protection of Client Personal Data that are controlled by ABBYY. Notwithstanding of the above, if an audit is excessive or unreasonably burdensome for ABBYY, then Client shall reimburse ABBYY for such excessive or unreasonably burdensome audit at ABBYY's then-current professional services rates, which shall be made available to Client upon request. Before the commencement of any such audit, Client and ABBYY will mutually agree upon the scope, timing, and duration of the audit in addition to the reimbursement rate for which Client shall be responsible. Client shall promptly notify ABBYY with information regarding any non-compliance discovered during the course of an audit.