Text recognition

Full-page OCR for 200+ languages

Cloud OCR SDK delivers the recognition of printed text in more than 200 languages, including most Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Farsi, Vietnamese, Thai and others, basing on ABBYY’s industry leading OCR technology.

Zonal OCR (printed text recognition), ICR (hand-printed text)

Cloud OCR SDK recognizes both printed and hand-printed text within specific fields (zonal OCR). Read forms, invoices, tax, medical, financial and other structured and semi-structured documents; including those filled out by hand.

Document conversion

Convert image/PDF to searchable PDF, PDF/A

Reduce the size of scanned images and PDFs up to 10 times, while preserving the visual quality via powerful MRC compression technology and support of searchable PDF and PDF/A formats.

Convert image/PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Keep the structure and layout of the original document, while converting the scanned image or PDF version of the document into its original editable Microsoft Office format with ABBYY’s Advanced Document Recognition Technology (ADRT).

Data extraction

Receipt recognition

Capture structured data off tape receipts; including vendor name, data, total amount, other key fields and line items with the support of region specifics such as local taxes, dates, street addresses formatting.

Business card recognition

Get contact information off business cards - company name, individual’s name, address, and title. The technology supports scanned images, mobile photos, and data export to vCard format.

ID recognition (MRZ)

Extract automatically machine readable zones (MRZ) of various ID documents, such as passports and ID cards. Recognized data is converted to XML format, ready for secure download and removal from the server via API.

Multi-platform support

OCR in Java, C#.NET, Python or any other programming language

With ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK you can add OCR functionality without any compatibility layers irrespective of which programming language used in your application. Our services are implemented using REST software architecture principles and can be access through API by simple HTTP or HTTPS requests making your development process easier.

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Industry leading OCR quality on any platform

Provide your clients with the high-quality text recognition across every platform you support. Regardless of the device preference of your customers, REST API for OCR allows you to avoid the hassle of including different libraries into your applications while using same instruments and logic to get identical results.

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Comprehensive code samples library

Increase the speed of implementation, with our library of code samples that features code snippets for the most popular programming languages and platforms: Java, Python, .NET, iOS, Android

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