OCR for Android, iPhone, and any other mobile device

If you develop a mobile application, you need an OCR engine capable of capturing data from low-quality images, supporting various mobile platforms and not requiring much processing power. ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK meets all these requirements

Fit for Mobile, Desktop or Server OS

Our service is platform-independent as it is accessible through Web API and does not run on your device. Therefore you can develop mobile OCR app running under any OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. and develop cross-platform applications at no additional cost.

Full-Featured, Powerful OCR Engine

Full-Featured, Powerful OCR Engine

Using ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK you get access to the industry’s leading recognition engine, with a full set of professional features, including special recognition modes and image pre-processing features. Plus, our engine is already trained for extracting text in 200+ languages, so won’t have to spend any time training it.

Save Device System Resources

OCR and conversion processing is CPU-intensive, which is why cloud-based ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK is a great solution for mobile developers who are bound by limited processing power and limited memory space. There are no system requirements, and an Internet connection is the only thing you need for your iOS, or Android OCR apps!

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