OCR in Java, C#.NET, Python or PHP

You can use any development language supporting communication over the network to program with ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK, no compatibility layer is needed.

Use Ready Code Samples

Save time with a robust set of Code Samples, Quick Start Guides and How To’s with immediate access! It is available to all and no registration is required. Code samples are provided in Java, C# (.NET), PHP, Python, for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. More are being added regularly.

You Can Be Up and Running in Minutes

Our Web API is very easy to implement, requires minimum integration and doesn’t require installation. Minimum OCR development required: we've prepared quick start guides and samples for OCR processing in popular programming languages. Create C#, Python or PHP and even Java OCR applications!

REST Architecture

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service is implemented using REST software architecture principles and can be accessed through API by HTTP or HTTPS requests.

More features

With ABBYY you are in good company

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