Expiration period


  • All packages listed in the Price list are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. On expiration of this period, the counter of A4 pages/Fields purchased within the package will be set to zero.
  • Any additional purchases during that period will extend validity period of the A4 pages/Fields available for the particular Application for 90 days from the date of the latest purchase.
  • Valid periods of several packages bought in the same day will not result in multiplication of the valid period for the purchased A4 pages/Fields. The resulting valid period for the whole amount of A4 pages/Fields purchased in the same day will be 90 days.
  • Any Subscription that includes  free pages will not prolong the validity of Packages.   


  • A one-month subscription is valid for one month, which means if the Customer purchases a monthly subscription on the 17th of the month, it will be valid until the 16th of the next month and the number of pages available for recognition will be reset the day after.

Marketing bonuses

  • In some cases, ABBYY may provide customers with additional free pages as a reward for participation in certain marketing activity. In such case, the type of reward (package or subscription), the amount of pages provided and its expiration date will be set according to activity’s terms and conditions.