Free Re-recognition of the image

  • Full-page recognition of any image recognized once will be re-performed for free while Customer’s account has positive balance. If Customer deletes a recognized image or if it is deleted automatically*, next recognition of that image will be charged according to the Price list.
  • ABBYY reserves the right to impose a reasonable limitation on a number of repeated recognitions per account per day; this measure is intended to prevent DoS attacks.
  • Field recognition is charged every time according to the Price list, no free re-recognition is available. However, Field recognition performed for the fields placed on the previously recognized A4 page will be performed for free.

* Service will schedule any uploaded image for deletion once any of the following conditions is met:

  • forty-two (42) hours after an image has been uploaded to the Service;
  • twenty-four (24) hours after an image has been processed by the Service.

Images scheduled for deletion will be deleted from server within six (6) hours.