The Service accepts online prepayments via PayPal and 2Checkout according to actual Price list in U.S. Dollars. It is also possible for Customer to switch payment currency to EUR or GBP in the account settings page.

After Customer buys a package or subscription listed on the current Price list, the Customer will receive the particular number of prepaid A4 size pages (or text fields) available for recognition through Customer’s account in a pre-defined period. Time constraints during which purchased number of A4 pages is valid are described on the Plans and Pricing page.

Some amount of free pages can be added to the Customer’s application balance as a package or as a subscription for participation in a variety of advertising campaigns and compliance with the Terms and Conditions of these campaigns.

All prices on Plans and Pricing page are net prices; VAT is not included and might be added if required in Cusomer’s jurisdiction.

Pages are always linked to particular Application created for the account.

Customer can easily monitor its Applications and the number of pages available for each of them on